At Emmanuel Church, we all share a common vision – LOVING GOD. LOVING ONE ANOTHER. LOVING THE WORLD. In keeping with this, we are a community that is very active in a variety of ministries and outreach programmes. Read more about who we are below, or scroll down to find out about our doctrine and beliefs.



Rev. Nils Holmgren

Nils is married to Chantelle and they have two beautiful daughters (Keziah and Rebecca) and a son (Seth – who has more rhythm than all of them put together!). In his free time (what’s free time?) Nils loves spending time outdoors, playing squash and cooking.

Louis Claassen
Assistant Minister   |   click to email Louis

Louis looks after the Youth and Seniors ministries and also heads up the Pastoral Care ministry. He is married to René and they have four children. If he had the time, Louis would be found near water with fishing rod in hand.

Luan Stoop
Assistant Minister: Families   |   click to email Luan

Luan is married to Joni and they have a daughter, Lily. He enjoys running in the mountains, spending time with family and playing music. Luan is passionate about teaching God’s Word, being with God’s people and looking after the families at Emmanuel Church.

Bryn Philip

Bryn heads up our Youth ministry. He is married to Rina, who serves alongside him at Youth. When he gets the chance, Bryn enjoys cooking, watching (and sometimes analysing) good movies and learning about what’s happening in the world of technology.

Toni Mackenzie-Groom

Toni enjoys the variety her post offers. She shares her home with husband Richard, two daughters and two over-enthusiastic Spaniels. Toni considers chocolate and ice-cream the base of the food pyramid.

Michelle Vorster
Admin Assistant

Michelle has a diverse role here on campus, but thanks to her experience in the travel industry, she is ready for any challenge. The rare times Michelle has free time, she’ll be found enjoying it with her husband and their mischievous young daughters.

Lynette Pereira

Lynette is married to John and they have 2 adult daughters and 4 grandchildren who are the apples of granny Lynette’s eye. When not at the office, she enjoys being busy at home.


As a local church, Emmanuel Church is a Constituent Church in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa or REACH-South Africa (formerly known as the Church of England in South Africa (C.E.S.A.) ) We include below a brief overview of our doctrine and beliefs, but also invite you to read more about REACH-SA and The 39 Articles of Faith to which we subscribe.

We believe that Jesus is God’s full and final revelation to us and the Bible is all about Him. His death and resurrection qualify Him alone to be Lord and Saviour.

We believe the Bible to be the Word of God, fully reliable and fully sufficient for a relationship with God. The Bible itself forbids us to supplement it or detract from it. Being a living and active Word, it speaks to us today, as God the Holy Spirit brings about understanding of the Scriptures, and repentance and faith in God’s people.

We hold to the clear teachings of the Bible as reaffirmed during the Reformation i.e. the Bible alone is the source of all spiritual authority and salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone – all for the glory of God alone.

Specifically, we trace our Reformation roots back to the Reformation in England. We hold to The 39 Articles of Faith as being a good summary of the truth of the Bible, and in our services we uphold the principles of the 1662 Book of Common prayer. We are saddened by, and distance ourselves from, recent immoral developments in the broader Anglican community.

While unconditionally welcoming all people into our church, we reaffirm our commitment to the historical and orthodox teaching of the Bible with regard to sexuality, church governance and other moral issues.

The confession of faith for REACH-SA is The 39 Articles of Faith.


Click here to read The 39 Articles of Faith for the denomination of REACH-SA.