What does Emmanuel Church do?

At Emmanuel Church, we all share a common vision – LOVING GOD. LOVING ONE ANOTHER. LOVING THE WORLD.. In keeping with this, we are a community that is very active in a variety of ministries, outreach programmes and opportunities for mutual engagement. All our initiatives are undertaken with a view to us growing in Christ.

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Children are a valued part of the Emmanuel family. Our Children’s Ministry is led by staff and volunteers who are passionate about children and whose vision is “Seeking to glorify God through teaching children to love God, love people and become disciples of Jesus Christ.”

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At Emmanuel Youth, we seek to grow in God’s Word, to evangelise and to serve, so that God might use us to build His church and make an impact on our world – creating a Christian community totally ‘sold out’ for Christ.

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The post high school years are foundational in forming most people’s world views. It is during these years that many people can testify to becoming Christians as the main questions and issues of life are addressed. So we see the Young Adults ministry at Emmanuel Church as being critically important.

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Emmanuel Church runs a number of Growth Groups (that’s what we call our midweek Bible Study groups). We call them Growth Groups because their goal is to help people grow personally, spiritually and relationally. There are a number of different groups, all of varying shapes & sizes, meeting at different times & venues, all seeking to grow people in their knowledge of and trust in Jesus Christ.

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Our Men’s Ministry consists of 2 weekly morning breakfasts, 1 on Fridays and 1 on Saturday, where we get together for Bible teaching and fellowship. Many of our men are already involved in regular ministry at the church and elsewhere and the purpose of the breakfasts is to encourage them to continue doing what they’re doing, and for others to do the same.

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The Emmanuel Ladies Ministry hosts events throughout the year to give our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, of various ages and with different backgrounds and interests, the opportunity to develop friendships, be taught and be encouraged through gospel-based meetings.

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Integral to our life as a church is the regular gathering of believers for worship, prayer, and teaching. Our Sunday gatherings take place at Patou Avenue at the following times.

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Are you perhaps not sure whether you’d like to join our church or participate in one of our ministries? Or, do you have questions about God and your relationship with God that you’d like to have answered? If so, then our Introducing God programme is just for you!

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