Emmanuel Church runs a number of Growth Groups (that’s what we call our midweek Bible Study groups). We call them Growth Groups because their goal is to help people grow personally, spiritually and relationally. There are a number of different groups, all of varying shapes & sizes, meeting at different times & venues, all seeking to grow people in their knowledge of and trust in Jesus Christ

Growth Groups allow for the Bible to be applied in greater detail and for people to experience care, accountability and discipleship in ways that cannot be experienced within the larger church gatherings. We strive for all our groups to be healthy. By that, we mean groups that embrace positive values including:

  • ownership (where each member experiences a sense of belonging);
  • participation (seeking high levels of involvement in discussion);
  • openness (honesty & vulnerability in self-disclosure);
  • service (each member using their gifts); and
  • achievement (where group & individual goals for growth are being achieved).

Our groups are not perfect, but we believe these are good values to strive for and provide a solid foundation to grow in Godliness.

We offer the following Growth Group opportunities:

Tuesday @ 9:30am: Roy Glover, Eversdal.

Tuesdays / Wednesdays, 7pm / 7:30pm:

  • Henry Fortuin – Vredekloof,
  • Richard Smith – Kenridge,
  • Louis Claassen – Kraaifontein,
  • Peter Guy – Stellenridge,
  • Graeme McGill – Durbanville,
  • Roy Glover – Sonstraal East,
  • Alan Gray – Othello Retirement Village,
  • Andrew Worrall – Aurora


  • Tuesday @ 7:30pm, Lucretia Thomas, Ridgeworth,
  • Tuesday @ 7:30pm, Beryl Green, Chantecler,
  • Thursday @ 9:30am, Lesley Poole, Eversdal,
  • Thursday @ 10:00am, Dianne Parris, Pinehurst,
  • Thursday @ 10:00am, Barbara Ludditt, Eversdale

Family Central (for young families):
Wednesday @ 6:30pm, Nils Holmgren, Eversdal.

Young Adults:
Thursday @ 7:30pm: JD Marx, Pinehurst.

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